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Educational videos

Introductory seminar on ISTDP

What it means to be Human

Watch a video that highlights my approach to ISTDP
Learn the basics and the broad
overview of the model
ISTDP Inspired Couples Therapy
ISTDP and Diagnosis
Review and Microanalysis: an ISTDP-informed Case Presentation
Fundamentals of ISTDP, by Johannes Kieding, LCSW
On Personal Development ​
ISTDP Philosophy, Outlook,
and Key Concepts
An ISTDP informed perspective
Working with the Omnipotent Transference Resistance
Barriers to Loving our clients and Enjoying our work
Addressing the Defense of ‘Sitting on the Fence’
Johannes Kieding, LCSW — Values, Therapeutic Outlook

 Becoming a Psychotherapist

Relationship Killer Number 1
A prelude to 2nd Relationship Killer
Relationship Killer Number 2
Relationship Killer Number 3
Why I became a psychotherapist
Common Denominators in Succesful Psychotherapy
Brief Discussion on Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Relationship Struggles, Blocked Emotions, & a way Towards Freedom