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About training services

The theoretical framework from which I operate is psychodynamic and draws heavily from the metapsychology of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP).
You do not need any prior training in ISTDP to work with me, and if you are committed to another model, we can explore whether or not ISTDP principles might supplement the model you wish to practice.
Learn concrete techniques and language to more effectively help your clients
Learn how to gauge your client’s thresholds and work at their highest level of capacity while still meeting them where they are
Psychodiagnosis: Moment-by-moment tracking and understanding of your client’s responses
Handle resistance and a wide range of defensiveness and defensive structures, including ambivalence
Create and maintain a strong therapeutic alliance
Learn how to develop a psychodynamic narrative
Understand moment-by-moment clinical decision making
Learn how to work with dynamics of distrust
Learn how to build capacity and work with fragile clients
Learn how, when, and with whom to use skillful pressure and confrontation


With honor, I have been sanctioned and certified to consult,

and offer ISTDP informed psychotherapy training, by Marvin Skorman, LMHC.

Mr. Skorman has 40 + years of psychotherapy and consultation experience, and spent several years in training with Dr. Habib Davanloo. Dr. Davanloo founded and developed ISTDP.

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Marvin Skorman, LMHC

Regarding issues of legitimacy:

Dr. Davanloo never codified or formalized a certification process for ISTDP therapists, nor has he sanctioned any organization to represent ISTDP.

That means that anyone can call themselves an ISTDP therapist and/or teacher, and the people and organizations that claim to represent ISTDP have decided to do that on their own accord. I consider myself an ISTDP informed trainer for these reasons.

In response to anyone who claims that unless you are certified in their organization you are not a legitimate practitioner of ISTDP, the following questions may help:

Has Dr. Davanloo sanctioned you to teach or sanctioned you to decide who and who is not qualified to teach the model? How many years have you studied with Dr. Davanloo?

The following text goes into some detail around what has gone into being sanctioned to teach by Marvin Skorman: Key Take-Aways from over a Decade of Training in ISTDP with Marvin Skorman